Chronicles of Ryebone

Chip Truck: Mr. Jerry's Food Truck

A few weeks back I was asking people's recommendations on chip trucks in the area; most came back with local ones that I've visited regularly in town, but I was most interested in the ones that are a "short" drive away. My coworker lives in the Napanee area and told me there is always a lineup for a place near the Wal-Mart. Although he's never been there, or knows what's there, that's a promising lead.

I took to Google Maps last Saturday morning to scout the location out; while I didn't see anything near Wal-mart, there was a Mr Jerry's Food Truck on the map across the street, in the Canadian Tire parking lot. Close enough!

About five or six years ago there was a chip truck in this same spot, that used to be in Springside Park many years ago (late 90s). So I half expected this one to be the same place, but renamed. This did not appear to be the case.

I took the 401 from Kingston to Odessa, where I got onto Highway 2 all the way through to Napanee. It's a nicer weekend drive, and the weather was pretty decent. Lathered with sunscreen, I saw the big green truck from the road and made my way into the Canadian Tire parking lot and found myself face to face with the very high counter of the truck. 

K&P Trail: Murton Rd to Highway 38 - 2019 06 03

While it was enjoyable to walk/hike the K&P Trail initially, I was pretty keen to jump on my bike for the longer sections. The issue itself is probably the one-way nature of the trail: a loop provides a constant change of scenery, wherein a straight path like this one forces you to double-back on yourself. A terribly insignificant complaint, but still, there it is.

K&P Trail - May 21, 2019

To fleece or not to fleece? This is the time of year where I'm not really sure what to wear "on the trail." The past few weeks have been a bit cooler, so I've been comfortable wearing two t-shirts and a fleece with long pants; but Tuesday was a bit warmer, and made me remember a rule I had back in grade five when I would watch the weather station before school every day: if it's over 15 degrees, I wouldn't wear a jacket. Tuesday was sitting around 16-17 degrees and I just wasn't sure what to do; so, I brought along the fleece, got a feel for the wind and elected to wear it for my walk. It was the right decision. Although sunny, the temperature was falling a bit and the wind was definitely ever-present.  

K&P Trail - May 12, 2019

The section of the K&P Trail from Bur Brook Rd to Corduke Rd has always been one of my favourites (so far) as it rides along a sloped forest that highlights the rail roots of the trail. Heading north from Bur Brook, is a fairly steady incline all the way through; although you spend more time going west than north, you get to appreciate the wide curve that these trains had to take on, and marvel at how much power it would have taken to climb this particular grade - which I assume maxes out about 2%. 

Lemoine Point - May 3, 2019

Friday evening brought a quiet, post-rain coolness to Lemoine Point, so it was time to venture out into the conservation area for the first time in a few years. On the drive there I was concerned about the bugs, specifically, those midges that float about in so many numbers this time around (they make that walk from the parking lot to the building that much worse when heading into the office). Of greater concern would be the mosquito's, but I wasn't entirely convinced it was late enough in the season for them to show up.


Firewatch puts you in the shoes of Henry, a forty year old man working as a lookout in the US national forest of Shoshone in the year 1989. It’s your job - a Henry - to keep, well, a lookout, for local fires, and act to assist in preventing them. You’re not really a firefighter, but more of a watcher and warden of the park; indeed, on your first day your supervisor, Delilah, spots fireworks coming from a nearby lake, and it’s your duty to stop the park’s visitors from setting them off, which could spark a forest fire. The position isn’t glamourous, and shouldn’t be too exciting, but Henry finds mysterious occurrences in the woods, that require some investigation. You’re in near-constant contact with Delilah through a walkie-talkie; she’s miles off and can see your own tower, and is also responsible for maintaining contact with the other lookouts in different sectors.

Your first day is abnormally packed with activity. Upon investigating the source of the fireworks, you fight with two young women, and on your way back a mysterious figure shines a flashlight on you and promptly disappears into the woods. You discover a locked cave, and soon after, you discover your tower has been broken into and various belongings either trashed or straight up stolen. Not a good way to start your summer job, right?  The next day, you’re set on a task to find the suspect campers and to investigate a broken communication line. You become acquainted with the park and the various trails all while developing a relationship with Delilah who is, in effect, the only other person you can expect to talk to (and not even see) for the duration of your position.

Jason Bourne

If you could summarize the quality of this movie quickly, it's easy to just say: it didn't need to exist, but it wasn't terrible. Not exactly glowing, is it? It's how we have to roll though: the Bourne Trilogy was just short of a masterpiece. At the moment I can't really think of any reason to say otherwise, although it has been a few years since I've watched them all. They were important to me, at least. They represent this turn from weird late 90's action movie to a more gritty, grounded and guided film that could both thrill our popcorn buckets and satisfy my need for plots that make sense. Having Damon in the lead allows the character a little more depth, as he's a capable actor and is able to balance the action and dialogue without going over the top. Yeah, there was a great team behind it too, with director Doug Liman leading the charge.

The X-Files (season 10)

When I heard the news about The X-Files coming back to television, I had mixed feelings on it. Was this a cash in? Or a legit return to form from the creators? Could it be *any* good or will this just tarnish the shows namesake? Perhaps it was already tarnished enough. After all, who am I to judge? I watched The X-Files when it premiered in 1993 and loved it for many years; it was a staple in my television diet. That is, until the last few seasons. Me going "away" to university and Duchovny quitting the show aligned for what it's worth, and I stopped watching (to be fair, I stopped watching mostly everything during those college years). The show seemed to have run its course, and I wasn't eager to go back to it - at all. I had seen the movies, of course, but they were forgettable. I couldn't tell you where the Mythos storyline ended, nor did I really care. Because I really don't care for that story. The monster-of-the-week were some of my favourite shows; showcasing the paranormal, completely unexplained cases were the most fascinating, interesting and entertaining shows of the run - for me, at least.

We sat down to watch the premiere of season ten, and all my fears were realized: it was heavy on mythos. They tried to explain much of what happened in the previous nine seasons, and they did a good job. They also seemed to explain away a lot of big mystery and decided to move forward full tilt. I was not sold on it.

The Witch: A New-England Folktale

The Witch, or VViwtch - if you will - is a very slow, creepy and suspensful horror film that feels refreshing in the face your typical fare and what Hollywood is willing to throw in our faces. I know, I tend to say that a lot, but I've been trying to catch up on some "smaller" films, but I also *love* getting out to the theatres. I saw a comment online wishing that this movie didn't get a wide release, as it's not built for the mainstream audience, and to that point, I would agree. But I want to see it in theatres. It's when the audience gets all mob on you and decided to heckle the film that the entire film could be ruined. Fortunately, this was not the case when we went to see this. When my friend saw that The Witch was playing, and was sitting at a most-impressive 89% on the Tomatometer, we were sold. We also didn't know anything more about the film than what the title would tell us. 

Singles 2015

It's that time of year again to share my annual playlist! For those not familiar, I have - for the past few years - been adding music I listen to frequently, to a playlist on whatever streaming service I'm subscribed to. I don't overload it with too many songs, and I end up with a pretty solid mix, typically fifteen to twenty songs. 

YouTube Playlist

2015 was an interesting year for music. I really got into The Black Keys, whom I have listened to before but not with the same level of interest. I was also introduced to Wolfmother, whose songs hit me hard: they're fun and full of rock. It makes me miss some of the "heavier" tunes I've listened to in the past. A nice return to form, for sure. I'm really digging this 2015 playlist. The songs are, for the most part, at this comfortable level for me. Nothing too hard, nothing too pop. Quite a bit of older music, and a few new tracks as well that I hope will stand the test of time. So far, I imagine they will: I frequently listen to 2013 and 2015, with 2014 bringing up the fewest listens, as I believe there was a bit more experimentation and inconsistencies throughout. I know the playlist is a good one when I can share it to some friends and they play the entire thing back without giving me one of those "Ryebone, what kind of weird stuff are you into?" looks.

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