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The Avengers

Well look at this, a few weeks go by and I totally forgot about seeing The Avengers in theatres. That is not to mean though, that the movie was bad. It was actually quite good. If anything, it shows that Marvel has really hit the perfect formula that was shown earlier with Iron Man. They've had a good run since, as well, with decent turnouts for Thor and Captain America, each of which has been hinting and leading up to the inevitable Avengers film, which landed just a month or so ago. And it landed huge. This movie is blowing apart box office records and just bringing in tons of cash - Avatar style. All of this, plus the incredible ratings - 93% on Rotten Tomatoes at the moment - confirm that the formula is sound and worth repeating. I expect that all characters in the film have their respective sequels in the works, along with new franchises starting for Hawkeye and Black Widow, among others.

So in the same way that I enjoyed Iron Man, I enjoyed The Avengers and then some. It strikes a good balance of action, story, humour and whatever else is necessary for saying the movie is good. It doesn't matter: the movie is fun. While I struck out against the movie earlier, my predictions weren't entirely inaccurate: the movie is somewhat predictable, but that's not a problem. We get quick back stories for some of the heroes, with the Hulk getting by far the most - it's been noted he's the real star of the film and yeah, he's definitely a fan favourite for good reason. We don't get much on the others simply because we've just been inundated with their movies recently. It's alright though: the previous movies met their goal of bringing these characters (arguably back) into the public consciousnesses admirably.

Poor Captain America wanders around lost most of the movie, and it becomes quite clear he's the "weakest" of the bunch. This has always been a problem though; it's like Batman when he's with the Justice League. If you can't fly you're kind of a hindrance, and ol' Cap shows his leadership on the streets and his hard ethics when he spars with the like of man-boys Tony Stark and Bruce Banner. Everybody else gets equal screen time, an admiral feat upon itself for so many stars. Then we get in the villains, which serve their purpose, although those giant flying worm things were entirely way too close to Transformers.

So really, I can't say much else about the movie. It's not for lack of disliking it. I just can't quite put my finger on it: the movie runs the line perfectly, not really standing out in either direction. Like I said before, they really hit the formula here and put the right people on the job. There is nothing about this movie that is offensive, or even worth complaining about. On the other end, there is nothing that really made me sit forward in my seat and shake my legs with excitement. Just an all round, really solid film that was a lot of fun. I would say you should go see it, but judging by the box office, you've already done it a couple of times already.

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