Chronicles of Ryebone

Television Shows of Late

I figured I would mix things up a bit and let you know what I've been watching lately. And provide some short, uninsightful thoughts on them.


Every time a season of Fringe airs, I don't watch it. I have them all queued up and about halfway through the airing, I'll begin watching. I'm not sure where the hesitation stems from, because the show is fantastic. I'm really digging the current season (or the last, I guess), where [spoilers] Peter is vanquished from reality (and everyone's memories) and comes back mysteriously. Lots of guest spots from Observers, cool monsters and sci-fi mysteries. There was concern the show was being cancelled, but we have another (final) season in the pipe. Plenty of time for the writers to wrap things up.

Breaking Bad

I should watch season four before the new season starts, so I'm a few episodes in now. Really brilliant stuff, although again, I'm hesitant to start watching. This show stresses me out a bit, and I think that's the goal. They've done a really great job here, and I'm eager to see what mess Walter and Jesse can get themselves into by the end of the season.

The Office

After the last season ended (and it was not a good season) I was in the mood for a short, light comedy. I burned through some other shows and came back to The Office again, and yeah, it was really great back then. The Jim and Pam dynamic is fantastic, ending the second season. I'm sure it will get bad and I'll lose interest, but for now it's a great show to just pop on.

Happy Endings

This is a really great show; I just started the second season. The characters are well acted and sharply written, and I haven't come across an episode that is unbearable. Plus, Elisha Cuthbert.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

You would think that with so much free time, I would really tackle this show in the same way I went through The Next Generation. Evidently, this is not the case. I watch perhaps one, two episodes per week now. Each episode is worse than the previous, and I can't pay attention to save my life. Just...terrible. I'm halfway through the second season. I'm told it gets better, but I'm not sure I can make it that far.